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Happy Tails: Noah the Shepherd by Rininiri Happy Tails: Noah the Shepherd by Rininiri
Name: Noah

Age: 2 Human years - 24 Dog years

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11" (human) 2'1" (dog)

Breed: German Shepherd - Australian Shepherd Mix

Job: N/A

Partner: None yet! >>In the Shelter<<

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship status: Single

<{ Loyal, Quiet, Thoughtful, Observant, Intelligent, Over-protective, Shy, Caring, Patient }>

Noah isn't a lot of things. He's not special in any sense of the word, and he'll be the first to tell you that, but he's still himself, and no but him can claim that fact. Having been raised by someone with an extremely outgoing attitude and personality, Noah himself was the opposite, acting as a counter weight. He'll be the first to listen, and the last to speak, always giving his opinion but never forcing anyone to follow suit.

He'll never force you to do anything, actually. He's one of thoughts and learning, giving anyone their space to live and grow, but constantly by their side to protect and defend them from anything that might prove harmful.

In his human form, he's known to snag books from his owner, and prefers the quiet over loud rough housing; unless he's in a playful mood, in which his 70lbs of dog muscle can barrel most people over. His human form is quite the tickle monster as well.

Often described as a teddy bear, he fits the role as well. He doesn't mind being used as a pillow and will keep his owner warm at night when they're cold- he'll give advice when it's needed, and he'll watch as those he's supposed to protect struggle and work towards the answer he knew they would find.

Though he's friendly to a degree, and as sweet as possible, he's incredibly shy around new people and dogs, tending to find the back of the room and wait until they've proven themselves of not being rude or cruel. And he will fight back if he's attacked, mark his words; he's not a pushover, and he won't allow himself to be used as a rug by those who don't deserve his respect.


Noah wasn't always a Shelter dog- in fact he's quite a new face around there, and it shows. Ever since he was born, he had been under one roof and with only one owner, that of which being Michael, a young man of about 24 years old with a lot of ambition and big dreams. Michael had a good head on his shoulders; he was smart, he was kind, a social butterfly, and had a love for books and adventure that knew no bounds. For Michael's 24th birthday, he had been given Noah as a pup only a few weeks old- and they had become fast friends.

Noah was playful as any little puppy would be, and loved to rough house with Michael after the teen's School had been let out, and they frequently ventured off into what trouble they could get into, with Noah being ever watchful and alert to dangers that would befall his owner and best friend. Michael developed a relationship with a girl named Jennifer, and they became a trio with nothing but the future to look forward to.

It was a year later that Michael revealed he was going to join the US Marines. Jennifer worried, of course, as did Noah, but they knew Michael well and the two were aware of his fathomless devotion, courage, and ambition. So they stood by and encouraged him, supporting him in his decision if that was what he truly wanted. It was between then and before he left that he asked Jennifer to marry him, and with an ecstatic acceptance from her and the joyful support of Noah. Shortly after that, he left for Basic Training, giving his promises to be safe and to return soon one last time.

Jennifer was given the duty of watching over Noah, and together they waited and prayed for Michael's safety, knowing that BT had it's own dangers as well as anything.

Months later, they received an email; Michael had finished Basic Training, and had immediately been deployed out of the country on some Assignment or other, but he claimed that it was supposed to be peaceful and that he and his comrades were in no danger.

The two remaining at home prayed for that to be true, Noah wishing for his best friend, and Jen wishing for her Fiance.

No more than a week before Michael's birthday, and the second anniversary of he and Noah becoming inseparable friends, did Jen receive a knock on the door, and a crisply folded letter, speaking of Michael's honorable death in defense of his nation.

Not much can be said about that, aside from Jennifer breaking somewhere inside, and deciding to move away, unable to stay in the same home as the one Michael had promised to return to.
It was then that she signed over Noah to the Shelter, leaving him all alone.

He didn't blame her for what she did; he understood her pain since it was his own as well, and he hopes to god that she finds solace- because he doubts he himself ever will.

Extra information: (( :new: Added some extra info I felt fitting :3c ))

:bulletblack: Noah smokes in his human form. Quite frequently actually; he's a borderline chain smoker and he'll probably never stop. This started up very soon after he turned 1 year old, and relied heavily on Michael to provide them. His new partner will need to provide for his fix here soon.
:bulletblack: He has poor eyesight, both in human form and dog form. Unfortunately, his dog form can't exactly wear glasses, so he tends to bump into things every now and then.
:bulletblack: He has dog-tags similar to those in the Army, one with his name engraved, and the other engraved with Michael's own name and birth date.
:bulletblack: When allowed to, in his human form he likes to use the computer to write out stories. He's a bit of an author- no he doesn't think that's weird.
:bulletblack: Noah fucking loves snow. He's turns into a giant goddamn dork when it starts snowing like holy shit it's snowing there isn't enough time in the world to play in it.
:bulletblack: He loves to swim in both his forms- if given the chance on a hot day, his usual wrestling playtime will probably turn into a big splash.
:bulletblack: He's respectful of personal space, but doesn't mind if you get in his. Again, only if it's not malicious.
:bulletblack: He has a fear of dark, secluded places.
:bulletblack: As a dog, he has the habit of sticking his entire face into the crook of your arm if it's bent at just the right angle- in human form this is translated into burying his face into the curve of a neck or the dip between shoulders. Yeah.
:bulletblack: An ungodly love for sweets or treats, and is infinitely jealous he can't eat chocolate.
:bulletblack: He'll only shift into human form if he feels it absolutely necessary- it's very rare for him honestly. He won't change unless something happens to make him need to.- Not even to read a book. Sometimes you'll just walk in and see a large fluffy dog squinting especially hard at a book. Maybe he even finagled his glasses to fit right on his muzzle.

Things to know about Noah - An owner's guide: :new:

:bulletgreen: Noah is good with other animals; anything from cats, other dogs, reptiles, rodents, pretty much everything. But only so long as they keep to themselves, or out of his personal space. So long as they don't bother him, he won't bother them.
:bulletred: He's a Shepherd mix, so he's bound to need a lot of exercise to keep fit and healthy. If he doesn't get a chance to spend off that energy, he'll be come fidgety and impatient, and if driven to the extreme, a bit snappish. If absolutely needed, his human form is strong enough to do some heavy lifting around the house, but he's rather clumsy and shouldn't be trusted with heavy objects.
:bulletblue: He's extremely obedient, but to a fault. Typically good with listening, the only times he won't obey immediately is if something is off or if he's unsure or unsettled by something. He can be stubborn during these times and they're best not ignored- he won't say much about the issue unless he has some sort of information on it.
:bulletred: He's a borderline chain smoker, -though he's respectful and takes it outside- be ready to have some kind of financial increase with him, because he won't be quitting any time soon.
:bulletgreen: Noah is a brilliant guard dog with a knowing intuition. While not much of a professional, he'll let you know if something's up, and won't hesitate to throw himself in the line of fire if something bad happens.
:bulletred: He's a big dog and a big guy, so be prepared to fork over money for lots of food. He doesn't pig out, but it takes a lot to make him full.
:bulletgreen: This big fella is pretty tolerant. Whether as a dog you mess with his paws, ears, and tail, or as a human you poke and nudge at him, he'll accept it and let it slide. So long as it's not malicious or cruel, there's not much you can do to anger or upset the guy.
:bulletwhite: If he's hungry, he won't hesitate to show it by picking up his food bowl in dog form and moving it to obnoxious / Passive aggressive places, or silently sitting near his bowl and staring with his arms crossed. You'll get the hint.

(c) RenatusPhoenix


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BeeArtsy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I see you're still in the center. Would you be interested in RPing at all with my character?
I've been thinking that, after this whole pawsville war that maybe her step mom has decided to leave finally and now McKenna's on her own because she won't leave.
I'm also pretty rusty, it's been a long time....
Rininiri Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi there! And as much as I'd love to, I'm actually already on a try-out with another member at the moment. <3 If this one doesn't work out, I'd be glad to try. c:
BeeArtsy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol ok then! I wasn't certain if you were or not =^ ^= good luck!
CaptainJackdaw Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I noticed Noah is back in the shelter. Would you be interested in seeing how he gets along with Mallory? She's been looking to foster, and loves bigger dogs~
Rininiri Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student General Artist
He's been in the shelter for a while ;v; I honestly didn't expect anyone to show interest in him again. I was 90% close to taking him out of the group, //laughs
uvu I would indeed be interested in that.~ She looks like she'd get along with him well. c:
CaptainJackdaw Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We can start up an RP if you'd like! o Ao/
I've liked his look since he entered the group and since reading his history I like him even more. ; w;
I have a thing for dogs that lost owners to the war
Rininiri Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Hrhkrhrkrhk so so so sorry for the late reply! I had some stuff come up IRL but I should be fine now. o/ Thank you very much. <3 I have a tendency to bring military ties into character histories, hue. uvu I'd definitely love to have these two interact and see how it goes. 
CaptainJackdaw Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mhm, we certainly should~
Do you RP through notes at all?
Rininiri Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student General Artist
I do~ Would you like to start? I wouldn't be sure how to do so with Noah considering their roles. ;y
GingerLisous Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look at those stripes and spots!! *w*
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